About Us

I always had an interest in beekeeping after seeing my Grandfather keeping them in Somerset on my visits to him. It was not until I was forced to medically retire from my day job as a financial manager that I fell into it. 

I inherited a  couple of neglected hives which had essentially turned wild after not being attended to for several years and having had no experience, sort help from an old school friend of my husband Yvonne who came and helped me clean up the existing hives, sort the colonies out and extract my first honey harvest – all a truly marvellous experience for me.  I was bitten by the beekeeping bug!

A chance meeting with a local beekeeper Ginette of Ely Queen Bees, after a swarm landed in my garden has led to a great friendship and mentor.  Together we have rescued swarms, and with our joint love of all things bee themed and crafts we go to regular farmer’s markets and craft events to sell our Honey, produce and craft items.

So, I have now been beekeeping for just over two years and am learning every day – they are fascinating insects and without them our world would be a very sorry place.  For every third mouthful of food would not be possible without these pollinators pollinating the plants that grow the food we eat – so I am very pleased to be expanding my apiary and colonies – Every Bee Is precious.

Each year I am fascinated to see what colour and texture the honey is that my bees produce. Dependant on what they feed on the colour can change from light transparent green through to dark almost chocolate in colour. The rapeseed flowers produce a creamy honey which will granulate quickly into a set honey, wildflower honey from spring flowers is a soft rich cream like soft butter but rich in flavour, the summer version is runny and golden, the bean flower honey is almost transparent with a light green reflection and soft gentle taste. As I have recently moved my apiary to sit on wild flower meadows I am looking forward to seeing this year’s harvest.

I look forward to sharing this with you too!